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Jobs at Memphis Meats

The most important part of Memphis Meats is our tremendous team. Our people are what make us great, and our culture helps empower our people to be great. So what can you expect from joining Team Meat?

Well, you can expect a lot of work. We like folks who are dedicated, innovative and excited to keep up and take charge in a fast-paced startup environment. If the thought of applying ferocious amounts of brainpower, collaboration and creativity to solve some of the biggest problems in the world gets your blood pumping – keep reading!

You can also expect a lot of fun. We schedule social activities regularly, including movie nights; baseball games; “one song workout” sessions; board game nights; hikes around the beautiful Bay Area and more. You might find yourself relaxing at the local brewery with the same colleague you had recently had an intense intellectual debate with. In fact, we encourage that!