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Our mission at Memorang is to level the playing field by making advanced learning accessible to any type of student, regardless of financial circumstance or aptitude. While most education technology companies have focused on K-12, Memorang is laser-focused on the needs of adult learners in college, graduate, and professional school. By honing in on the tough challenges facing higher education, we will empower an entire generation of aspiring professionals to achieve upward economic mobility.

Most importantly, we're currently a profitable, investor-backed, fast-paced startup and you could help make a serious impact!

# Intellectual challenge: Work on a series of novel problems and technical challenges that span everything from machine-learning to applied cognitive research. Every month we implement features and solutions that have never been seen before in education.

# Impact: Your contribution will be huge and instantly meaningful to students around the world with every deploy.

# Growth: Huge opportunity with competitive salary + equity offer. Our traction is on pace to more than double each year.
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Social Media Manager (Part-Time / Internship)