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Founder & CEO Meltwater Group, Norwegian serial entrepreneur. Interests: entrepreneurship, geeky stuff, social media, BIG ideas!


Amanda Li

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Meltwater (2018/09 - Present)

Cecilia Lam

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Software Engineer at Meltwater

Jonatan Dykert

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Currently in charge of the strategic and tactical roadmap in regards to all growth initiatives, across all Meltwater applications. Studied at Lund, love Paris!

Mark Lieberwitz

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Worked at @if(we), @SendMe • Studied at @Tulane • Founder @Ballerhouse

Emma Carey

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Key Account Manager with a USD $4million portfolio. UTS Bachelor of Business (Marketing). Experience in events, media, marketing, hospitality, new business.

Michelle Oo

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Enthusiastic, self sufficient and results driven individual with extensive background in successfully managing and building client accounts.

Mikael Johansson

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Engineering Manager at Meltwater

László Velinszky

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Curious about new technology. Believing in Lifelong learning. Have experience in software engineering for data science, system administration, media creation...

André Laszlo

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Software Engineer, currently building a startup at Imagination Machine in Nantes.

Kris Williams

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John Wang

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Developer, designer, evangelist. Worked at YC backed Filepicker.io

Jade Ryan

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Wearer of many hats specializing in making data driven decisions. Primarily focused on sales, marketing and the customer experience.

Zahid Afaque

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Software tester, Lead, Scrum Master, worked at Meltwater, Developed high quality product

Carl Trivieri

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Former team

Kyle Patrick Cayabyab

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Nick Wayne

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Stephen Weibel

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Jeff Blain

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Grace Choi

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Evan Willms

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