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We Are All In: Employees and shareholders are both important constituents of our company. We believe the more talent we have, the more we can accomplish, so our people assist each other all the time. We attract and retain top talent. We value our employees and seek to help them achieve their full potential. Our goal is to provide salary and benefits packages that are above the industry average for our employees. Also, we aim to earn a return on investment for shareholders above the industry average. At Melifloz, we empower our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and ultimately we empower ourselves to create change in the World.
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Alexander Leenus
Founder & CEO


Alexander Leenus

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Founder @Mazedon @Melifloz @Xanders Studying Wall Street. Time Travel to Solve Today's Problem with Tomorrow's Solution. Focus on People. Planet and Profit.


Sadiq Sule

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Product Designer, Creative thinker. UI/UX Designer @Melifloz
Full Stack Software Developer, AI, BlockChain, Java, Went BTH Sweden, IITM-President Award, worked i UNO ESN Google Ericsson Volvo, Started two companies i Oslo

Madhavi Mashilkar

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Worked at Kamal Enterprises. Experience with Audit, Beta Tester, Business Strategies

Sanjeev Bhatt

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Worked at FMCG & Apparel, Organised Retailer (Hypercity & ABRL),Trade Marketing,E Com & Raymond. Experience in Startups, Buying, Merchandising & Operations

Stacey Ciorescu

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Veronica Miranda

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¡Hola! I'm a multidisciplinary designer from Mexico City. I had experience working in creative agencies and tech companies.

Board members and advisors

Founder @Alplyn. Tech Savvy Person. Energetic Inside Sales & Marketing Executive. Helped Fortune 500 & Startup in B2B Sales. Worked @XDBS @Mazedon