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Next Generation Fashion Brand

Next Generation Fashion Brand

Melifloz is a global premium fashion brand that designs and sells iconic and convenient formal and casual saree collections, as well as selected accessories through its online platform and exclusive retail stores.

Every woman now can try instantly different attires on their smartphone like a virtual dressing room before shopping it online or at the store or she can take a snap using our mobile app to find a perfect matching outfit or accessories for a celebrity look.

Every Melifloz sarees designs are feminine to the core and effortlessly gorgeous. There is nothing quite like Melifloz sarees that gives
pleasant experience for women. That, above all, a saree should be absolutely easier, ready-to-wear, lightweight, allows free arm movement, comfortable while walking, can be worn all day, feel secure, and work-friendly. We empower women with convenient fashion design in saree that is most elegant, fashionable, versatile, and modern with a westernized edge.

Alexander Leenus

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