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VR startup focusing on Social VR games

VR startup focusing on Social VR games

Mega Particle makes Social VR games. Previously, we have been known for Poker VR (Oculus Go and Quest). Mega Particle pioneered free to play business model in VR and Poker VR became the most used and highest grossing social app on platforms such as Oculus Go. We have learnt a lot about Social VR through Poker VR, this unique scale and data has positioned us to get better at Social VR as a whole. To capitalize, Mega Particle is next working on other Social VR games that are both competitive and co-operative. We believe that games should be fun and push the boundaries forward in some way. These two north stars guide our development through out. Mega Particle is a purely product driven and focused company, where a special priority is given to breakthrough design and being data smart.

Software Engineer - Unity3d

Hamza Siddiqui

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Founder @Mega Particle, @QBXNet. Passionate about making VR more Social.