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Revenue Operations Manager

Posted 3 months ago

COMPANY We want to make people smile - to do that we need to fix dentistry. Dandy is a technology company reimagining the way doctors run their practices and manage the patient experience. Our vision is to bring patients and dentists together while improving the experience and efficiency of...


Director of Patient Success

Posted 10 months ago

COMPANY Dandy (formerly, Orthly) has a vision is to fix dentistry. We will bring the best privately owned dental practices online under one roof. We will supply the dentists with everything they need to do their best work (state-of-the-art tools, resources, marketing and patients). And we’ll...

Software Engineer

Full-Stack Web Developer

Posted 1 week ago

COMPANY We are an NYC-based startup that just raised $10M+ in the last year to become the operating system for every dental office in the country. I was just looking over your background on LinkedIn and was wondering if you had any interest in chatting about joining as a software engineer at...