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Robin, the Personal Relationships Assistant helps its users improving their personal relationships by understanding themselves better and introducing them to a few selected people, based on compatibility. We are a diverse and international team of entrepreneurs with experience in the FMCG and automotive industry. We sell anonymized consumer insights in a B2B2C model to brands. We believe in bad jokes, extreme ownership, and that there is life out there (besides work). Lean is how we learn, obstacles are inspiring, responsibility is empowering. As a startup, we’re looking for an all-hands-on-deck mentality.
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CTO / Co-founder

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A native app developer to help us create the mobile version of MeetRobin. The ideal team member is able to create a launch product for Android and/or iOS connecting to the existing matchmaking algorithm (C++, Kotlin, MongoDB) but can also lay out the structure for a scalable f...