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A health informatics company using artificial intelligence to revolutionise healthcare

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At Medius Health, we are improving primary health care for everyone through empathetic, personalised AI.

First off, startups are driven by crazy and chaotic environments. Working for a start-up sometimes feels like you’re on a fun roller coaster ride, but you’re not quite sure if your seat belt is fastened.

The role of an Operations Associate can vary across the industry, however in a startup it also allows you to create your own space -- If this level of self-managing autonomy freaks you out, then you may not be ready just yet but courage makes the world go round!

Role Summary

The Chief Operating Officer is now seeking to create an Operations Associate role to support Medius’ growth through this next twelve months and beyond.

The role will be a broad one, offering an interesting and diverse range of responsibilities along with significant development opportunities. Fundamental to the role is the ownership of various team policies and process, managing vendors and supporting customers, and general office administration.

You will be joining a purpose-driven team with a great emerging culture, with a nurturing and supportive leadership. Moreover, side-by-side with the clinicians and data scientists, you will be in a position to make a tangible contribution to the impact that Medius is making on primary health care around the world.


• Coordinating key operational processes and people policy oversight
• Managing the recruitment and onboarding processes for new staff
• Supporting operational planning and execution throughout the end-to-end organisational operating rhythm
• Supporting financial processes, interfacing with the external accountants
• Work with the leadership team to deliver process analysis and improvement activities
• Manage the selection of and relationship with vendors for equipment, supplies, and utilities
• Oversee the provision of services and support provided to customers, and managing the ongoing customer relationship and service delivery levels
• Cooperate with different departments to improve business operations


This is a “getting things done” role. The Operations Associate needs to be hands-on, organised, pragmatic, and able to prioritise as appropriate.


This role is envisaged as a 6-month fixed contract, to help the leadership team take Medius Health to the next level of maturity and capability.

During that time, the Operations Associate will have considerable opportunity to further shape the role, and the organisation, and to potentially frame an ongoing position to support subsequent growth.

Innovation and personal growth are strongly encouraged in all aspects of Medius’ activities.

Medius Health at a glance

A health informatics company using artificial intelligence to revolutionise healthcare

Medius Health focuses on Health Care Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Health, and Medical Technologies. Their company has offices in Sydney. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Medius Health has raised $1.2M of funding; their latest round was closed on August 2017.

You can view their website at http://mediushealth.org/

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