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Blockchain & Healthcare

Blockchain & Healthcare

We are a distributed ledger for patient’s medical data. It allows patients to store their own data offchain in an appropriate geographic domain, and give access to doctors and specialists anywhere regardless of the payer network or EMR used.

Patients, doctors and hospitals put data into a compliant cloud which becomes part of the our ecosystem and the blockchain stores pointers and rules on usage and anonymity while the data itself is stored offchain in a compliant cloud.

Patients can access their data at any time and allow other doctors and hospitals to access selected parts of the data.
Researchers and Pharmaceutical companies can access the data as big data in fully anonymised form. The protocol based on smart cards, cryptography, big data and blockchain technology, which brings enhanced transparency and reliability in medical data exchange at every level from devices to EMR to unprecedented opportunities for privatised big data sharing.

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Mark Baker

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CEO of MediChain. Developed experiment systems for Harvard Med School, Cambridge University UK, NPL, Worked at Johnson & Johnson, Peerius CTO, Oxford Doctorate