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Marketing Manager, Fortnite

$65k – $120k • 0.1% – 0.25%
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We're looking for someone to be the go-to Fortnite person on our team from a user acquisition and engagement standpoint.


First and foremost, you’re obsessed with Fortnite and love using Medal to clip it.

You spend an absurd amount of your waking life playing, thinking and talking Fortnite. You’re deeply involved in the community on several fronts. If there’s a Fortnite event near you, you’ll go. You’ve probably tried playing or streaming it professionally at least once.

You are also a data-driven, efficiency-first optimizer. You know digital marketing, and all its channels and rabbit holes, pretty well. Being in control of a large marketing budget doesn’t reduce your boundless stamina to experiment, experiment, and experiment again to get that marginal boost in return off of each dollar.


With your eyes on KPIs, half your time will be spent hungrily optimizing digital marketing campaigns targeted at Fortnite to bring in the most dedicated Medal users.

The other half of your time will be aggressively and proactively engaging with the Fortnite community on behalf of Medal. You will go to all the events, be in the servers, reaching out to your contacts, and otherwise thinking outside the box to connect Medal into the fabric of Fortnite's ecosystem. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of what people think of Medal and how they use it, and bring that insight into our product cycle so that we can better serve them, and you.


You'll be working alongside a senior marketer - to point you in the right direction and fill in any gaps in your knowledge-base - and all our other Game Leads as they are hired. You'll swap insights and best-practices, and geek out about games and metrics in equal measure.


- To do Fortnite stuff for a living;
- Training in the areas of marketing you're less familiar with;
- Full health and dental;
- Unlimited PTO (4-6 weeks recommended);
- A flexible, laid back office environment;
- All the fun and frolics that come with working at a gaming company.

As a heads up, our typical recruitment process is:

1) 1-2 phone screening interviews
2) On-site interview
3) Offer 🎉

If you made it all the way here, include “gg” in your note and we will give you a virtual high-five when we talk!

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