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Chris Kurdziel

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Early-Stage Investor & Advisor Previously: VC @Samsung Electronics @Joyance Partners Product @Vimeo, @VHX, @Samsung Electronics, @Shelby.TV Optimist.

Jon Broscious

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Investing in and accelerating Startups at Mucker Capital

Andrew Nealon

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Andrew Nealon has been managing technology development in New York City for over a decade. He is the current chief analyst for Joyance Partners.

Karim Atiyeh

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Founder & CTO Ramp. Founded Paribus (sold to Capital One). YC, Harvard Alum. Lebanese.

Sung Ho Choi

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Co-Founder @fuboTV. University of Chicago. 

Dr.E.Bora Uygun, PhD

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Angel Investor Serial Entrepreneur with several exits

Eric Glyman

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Co-Founder at Ramp (http://tryramp.com). Previously co-founded Paribus (YC S15, Acq. by Capital One). New York City • Angel Investor