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The Most Powerful POS and Dispensary Management Software in Cannabis


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Chrys Bader

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Co-founder of Secret. Formerly Google. YCombinator alumni.

Dave Morin

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Founder Sunrise, Path, Slow / Early Facebook, Apple / Board Dwell, Esalen

David Nikzad

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Empowering Health, Mental Wellness and Emotional Intelligence Through Food, Technology and Psychoactive Compounds

Samvit Ramadurgam

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Founder, Co-CEO @equidate, @Y Combinator alum. Founding Partner @S2 Capital. Previously Co-Founder @Streem (Acquired by Box), Eng @Asana. @Berkeley EECS

Bryan Kennedy

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Angel Investor & Advisor. Founded Sincerely (exit), Swipe (exit). YC Alum 2006.

Jeff Ferguson

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Co-Founder PipelineDB • Worked at @adroll • Studied at @University of California, Santa Barbara

Louis Beryl

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Bringing big ideas to life. 3X Founder of Earnest, SolidEnergy, and now working on the next one. Formerly a16z and YC. Active angel investor and board member.

Heather Quinn Molloy

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Cannabis, wellness and technology. I also strive to support women led teams or teams with diverse management.

Wen-Wen Lam

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Marketing. Business Development. Product. Monetizing web products. Having fun :)
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