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California's Industry-Leading Cannabis Point of Sale & Delivery Software

California's Industry-Leading Cannabis Point of Sale & Delivery Software

As Y Combinator's first cannabis start-up, Meadow launched out of the Winter 2015 class. Meadow builds powerful Point of Sale and eCommerce software for retailers in the legal cannabis industry. Meadow’s all-in-one platform allows dispensaries to sell products, manage menus and inventory, reward customers, dispatch delivery and pick-up orders, and create exceptional in-store experiences for customers. Meadow powers dispensaries and delivery services of all sizes, utilizing technology to maintain compliance with local and state regulations, scale with the Adult Use market, and create operational efficiencies that allow these businesses to thrive in a regulated industry. Meadow’s team is dedicated to making the best retail software in cannabis, and to creating a more collaborative and inclusive legal cannabis industry. To learn more about Meadow, visit getmeadow.com.

Account Executive in Cannabis Saas (YCW15)

Co-Founder @ http://t.co/QbkiQIZnG5 - Android Dev, Film Lover, Penn State Grad. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Developer/designer at Meadow.
Co-Founder of @Meadow Previously a co-founder at Nine Robot, senior engineer @Apple , and founding engineer @Sincerely

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CEO and Co-Founder of @Meadow (YCW15)


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