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Design that works


It's a-maze-ing to work closely with people so talented and passionate about what they do on a game changing and challenging product!
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Kaue Machado
Front-end developer


Thomas Mary

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Founder & CTO at Maze

Jonathan Widawski

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Founder & CEO at Maze, former Lead UX at BAM/Theodo


Nelson Castro

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Jepser Bernardino

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Product Engineer. Working @Maze Previously @Typeform @Badi . @royalestudios co-founder.
Full-stack developer, launched and failed Caffee https://caffee.io Ex- eFounders, Briq, Wooclap and Odoo

Jake Stergar

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Arjen Harris

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Gaspard Beernaert

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Victor Vorontsov

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UI/UX designer with more than 13 years of experience. Worked with famous global companies.

George Markos

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Customer Success Lead at Maze

Kaue Machado

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Hello, I'm a front-end engineer, startup enthusiast and a geek who loves outdoors I started (and failed) a few startups and I have a passion for great UI/UX.

Jolanta Gil

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Experienced digital product designer and UX with a passion for designing engaging and well-crafted products.

Elena Luchita

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I’m a writer, editor, and content strategist. I enjoy crafting content ideas, product news, and brand stories through storytelling and effective content.