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Backend developer

$40k – $70k • No equity
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### The job

You will work on all aspects of our current product, which includes:

- Our user-research platform and analytics dashboard with all the challenges associated with it.
- Our tester’s hiring platform, where you’ll work with us on building a complete marketplace from scratch.
- Integrations with prototyping tools and other services.
- Our automated reporting platform, where you'll work on a comprehensive document for the whole product team to collaborate on.

As part of the Maze team, here’s what you’ll do:

- Architect and develop a highly scalable backend.
- Evaluate and improve the performance, durability, and security of applications in production
- Work closely with our designer and engineers to design, build, and ship new features from scratch
- Take ownership for your tasks and see features through from start to finish
- Help teammates improve when reviewing their work and appreciate feedback when they reciprocate

### Requirements:

- Perfectly fluent in English
- Javascript & Node.js expert
- Experience with AWS and Neo4J
- Able to write maintainable and scalable code
- Write tests & always improve your work environment
- Enjoy working remotely

### Bonus points:

- Experience with Serverless
- GraphQL knowledge
- Functional programming evangelist
- Experience with deployment automation tools
- A good dose of ambition, as well as a great sense of humor

### How to Apply:

We receive a lot of applications so try to submit something that will grab our attention! It’s important for us to see your understanding of our product so make sure that:

1. you've done some research on Maze and signed up to try the product;
2. you include a well-structured and concise message with your application explaining why you find Maze interesting and why you'd be a good fit. Show off a little :).


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