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We are a fun bunch, always looking for amazing people to join us! Here are the criterias we're after when evaluating the cultural fit: 1/ Self-growth Everyone in the company should be seeking to always improve their soft and hard skills. We promote internal coaching, accountability partners & dedicate half a day every week to reading/working on subjects that help the company and the people inside it grow. 2/ Self-motivated As a fully remote team, one of the key skill we are looking for is the capacity to work with little to no oversight. We believe in hiring people that know how to do their job, and enjoy being pro-active in decisions & outreach to the team. 3/ Vulnerable Being able to listen and act on criticism/feedback is the most important part of our company’s culture. We’re extremely data-driven, which means we don’t let ego get in the way of changing the way we do things. Continuous learning and improvement through shared knowledge is core to who we are. 4/ Ambitious We’re looking for people who want to take part in building and growing a company, as well as assuming coaching and leading roles when presented with the opportunity. We’re actively on the lookout for people who want to change the world. 5/ Passionate We want the people we work with to love what they do. Developers with heavy open-source contributions, designers with up to date Dribbble/Behance profiles, people who love to participate in talks/meetups are the kind of gems we are looking for. 6/ Fun This is an obvious one, but we want people we can see ourselves drinking beers with. As a small team, it’s crucial we get along on a personal level as much as on a professional level. Also, we do offsite every 4-6 months where we spend a week together relaxing, partying and having fun. Our core values: Build fast, Beautiful always, Iterate everything, Driven by data, Embrace vulnerability, Human design maze.design/about-us

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We organise offsites every 4-6 months with all expenses paid to spend some quality time with the whole team!