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Mayo wants to bring people closer together in-person, and in the moment! We achieve this by letting users broadcast small helps they need in person to those right around them, then those that can help then reach out! Think of it like a hyper-local PSA announcement.

The small helps we aim to solve usually go unnoticed because people don't want to bother others, or don't know who to turn to—like needing an iPhone charger in a coffee shop. No one wants to ask 10 tables to try to get a charger. Or have you lost something in the park? Someone else has probably seen it...if only you could reach them. We think if enabled, these micro-interactions are the perfect opportunities to meet people near you and build trust among strangers.

Do something good or get helped, and pass it on. It’s just the right thing to do. Talk to us about our plans into machine learning and the AR world in the near future.

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Allen chan

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Design founder. Previously worked at startup acquired by Google & various corporations. Awesome creative in many disciplines with empathetic data-driven design.