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Maximize helps hotels increase their revenues

Maximize helps hotels increase their revenues

Maximojo is a Pune based cloud-SaaS company. Our vision is to bring all of India’s 80,000 hotel & lodging establishments on the internet and using cutting edge revenue management tools.

Maximojo delivers cloud-based distribution & revenue management solutions for hotels. Maximojo Mantras® requires little or no training to use and is based on the latest cloud-computing & AI technologies. Using it as easy as checking your Gmail or Hotmail accounts.

The product has been well received in India with customer hotels achieving significant increases in their online bookings. Maximojo is one of the fastest growing channel & revenue management solutions in India.

Besides extending their sales & support network within India, Maximojo has recently begun expanding their Sales & Marketing to Europe and Asia. Maximojo is also poised to expand their product offerings to include next generation Revenue Analytics and Yield Management tools for hotels to enhance revenue and profitability.

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