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Matt Bell

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Computer Vision expert. Founder of @Reactrix. Working on @Matterport at Sunfire. CS degree from @Stanford University.
One of the original developers at @PayPal; currently working at @Matterport. BS in CS from UIUC.


Neeraj Tayal

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Worked at @Matterport @Light @Intel Studied Masters in Computer Science at @Arizona State University

Michael Parrish

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Strategic Planning & Operations Executive Propelling Performance | Improving Operational Processes | Driving Revenue

Gabe Davis

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Entrepreneurial product manager and marketer. Currently making it easier for businesses to engage and convert their audiences using 3D at Matterport.

Bob Horn

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Over 15 years experience in Technical Customer Support

David Titzler

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End-to-End Product Development from ideation and concepts through development, valdiation, and manufacturing. Hardware is hard. Experience is good.

Kimberly Do

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Recruiting Coordinator at Matterport

Kevin Bjorke

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Sr Software Troublemaker at Matterport

Si Feng

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Self-motivated business operation professional, experienced in assisting executives, spearheading events, and managing projects.

Bob Grosso

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Shavonn Mealing

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Sales and business development manager for SaaS focused and 3D technology based startups. Domestic and international business development.

Megha Gajbhiye

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MS Student in Software Engineering(mobile and cloud computing) at San Jose State University worked in LTE at TCS and as SE at CISCO SE Intern at Matterport

Kirsten Arce

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Worked at @Matterport
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Board members and advisors

Head of Augmented Reality - Sr.Dir.Eng. at Adobe Systems, Formerly Founder and CEO/CTO at @Mixamo Inc acquired by Adobe in 2015. Investor, Artist, Kitesurfer.
Expert in high stakes auctions (spectrum, diamonds,gTLDs). Traveler, Adventurer, Software Developer. Stanford Management Science, Uni Erlangen Computer Science.
CEO of @Medcorder. Ran product teams at @Facebook and @Google for large (>100 SWE) orgs. Investor in 60+ startups. Stanford BSCS. Founded @Hacker Dojo.

Former team

Marc Rehberger

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Vivian Wang

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Carol Mackinlay

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Julie Greenberg

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Michael Dutton

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Aneesh Karve

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