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We are creating the 3D-scene version of the point-and-shoot camera. Our software, combined with the inexpensive 3D capture hardware found in the Kinect, will allow everyone to be able to create 3D models quickly and easily.

The challenge:
- The core algorithm work is consistently challenging; we're pushing the frontiers of computer vision in our real-time 3D reconstruction algorithms.
- The UI challenges are unique; this isn't just laying out a website. We are figuring out the user experience for the first easy-to-use handheld 3D capture device, and that means everything from physical form factors to software interface design.

We like tackling hard problems and creating products that have the potential to create whole new industries.

Note on salary & equity numbers -- the range is wide because we let employees choose to trade off salary vs equity.
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Principal Data Analyst

Posted 1 month ago

Apply Here For Expedited Consideration If You Are Being Directed to a Third Party Site: https://matterport.com/careers/ Matterport is the leading spatial data company digitizing and indexing the built world. Our unique 3D capture technology creates the spatial data layer on which industries can...

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