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Matar is a media house that combines the power of design and aesthetics to boost the online and offline presence of businesses. With intricate visuals and descriptive narratives, we help companies build their brand one brick at a time. We are a creative company which aims to challenge its team by catering to a diverse range of clients. We have worked closely with The Education Growth Summit, Kommune, PayAsia, DNVGL, Tales n’ Tacos and Addzup Global to name a few. Our objective is to optimally utilise the online sphere and create a virtual presence for our clients. Who better than the youth to specialise in the digital domain? Our professional yet funky team of designers, content writers, digital experts, production enthusiasts and client servicing managers work in sync to meet the standards and expectations of our clientele. With the 5 teams complementing each other, it is difficult to draw a line between who does what and thus we tag everyone in the team as a Troubleshooter. There are no boundaries that differentiates the space of one team from another because what is work without a little singing and laughter together? Even though we aim to bootstrap most of the time, we don’t compromise when it comes to investing in the latest gadgets, industry level camera equipment, subscriptions to tools and services or even the coolest notepads and fancy stationery, which is available to all our troubleshooters to get the best quality output. We are a small start-up with a big vision, and believe that every individual has a superpower even if they haven’t got the opportunity to utilise it yet.
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Photography/Videography Internships

Posted 11 months ago

Are you the jack of all technology and master of production? We have several exciting masterpieces for you to work on.