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We are Masterclass for life skills with a focus on habits

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At Masterlife, we are trying to change the way Indians live. Most of us go through life without knowing what true happiness is. True happiness isn't about having all the money in the world or having a six pac. It's about balance. Masterlife is a platform that helps you identify the areas of imbalance and then helps you fix it through its self-paced and community learning programs. We want you to know that you can have it all.

What makes the platform unique is we provide a measurable road map for those of us who spend time charting our goals but give up midway. Inspired by and put together by some of the most credible thought leaders out there, each of our courses allows for maximum success in your chosen sphere. We get it – there is a deluge of information out there and a whole lot of it is given away at no cost. At MasterLife we have put together content with measurable insights so you can track progress and also see how you fare relative to others in your age group, gender and other categories.

The 8 areas of life that you need to have balance in are Business & Career, Contribution To Society, Finance & Wealth, Fun, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Personal Growth and Spirituality.

Masterlife is trying to help the 300 million Indians between 25-40 to navigate through work, relationships, life and helping them be better versions of themselves.


At Masterlife you will overlook the entire content strategy and help with content creation. Along with the Founder, you will be responsible for creating content that drives growth for the company. In the future, you will also be asked to create a content team that consists of writers, editors and social media specialists.


- 4+ years of content strategy and marketing experience
- Experience in building communities on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
- Looks at qualitative and quantitative data to draw ideas for content strategy
- Is curious about new ways of marketing and is willing to learn about new channels.
- Can do 1,500+ word book summaries
- Can create content for the platform
- Can create scripts for a masterclass
- Has the ability to communicate effectively
- Likes to solve complex problems
- Bachelor’s degree preferred
- Experience in Ed tech or health and wellness is a huge plus.
- Global experience is a huge plus i.e. lived abroad
- Embodies a growth mindset. Realizes that life is about growth and resonates with the idea of Masterlife
- Has to be Bangalore based


1) Extreme Ownership: We are all about extreme ownership. There is no else to blame. You must own problems along with solutions, commit to lead the part of the chain. Everyone leads and everyone needs to know what they’re doing and why.

2) Humility: Ego is good but keep it in check. Our mission is more important than our individual egos.

3) Over communicate: Most projects fail because of lack of communication. Not communicating how you’re feeling as well as progress of work. We over communicate because its the foundation of all success. We over communicate praise as well as criticism. Praise is used so that the receipt of the praise has a reference point for what ‘high-quality work’ and ‘workability’ look like. We must be extremely careful when providing praise. Unclear, un-specific praise that is given without investigation is extremely destructive to all parties involved. And with criticism, its not mean to provide it. it is mean to not provide Clear Criticism and instead fire someone because their performance isn’t up to par and things aren’t ‘working’. Criticism is used to point out what isn’t working. We show each other that we care personally about one another by being explicitly clear in our criticism to one another because it is the only way we will improve. We seek out and need others’ criticism because we know we won’t see our mistakes / opportunities to do better on our own

4) Upward Manage: We hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do. If we have hired you, you need to tell us what to do in situations rather than we having to tell you what to do.

5) Growth Mindset: We only hire people who are constantly thinking about how to get better. They’re curious about how things work and are willing to listen when they don’t know enough about a topic. They are willing to say, I don’t know enough about this but i am willing to pick up these skills.

6) Always be grateful: If they share their knowledge, time, money, ideas with you, be grateful. We don’t thank each other enough. Start thanking people for what they do for you. Even the small things. They got you coffee, thank them.

7) Be a giver: Givers who know are not being taken advantage of are the most successful people in the world. Don’t be a taker. Do something nice for someone without they expecting it. And expect nothing in return. Do it across all areas of your life. Do it for your colleagues, for your family, friends. Be someone who gives constantly
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We are Masterclass for life skills with a focus on habits

Masterlife focuses on Corporate Wellness, Health and Wellness, Digital Health, and Education Technology. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, Masterlife has raised $60K of funding; their latest round was closed on October 2019.

You can view their website at http://www.masterlife.in

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