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We are Masterclass for life skills with a focus on habits

COO & Head of Getting Shit Done

₹35,000 – ₹50,000 • 5.0% – 10.0%
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The COO of Masterlife will oversee the organisation’s ongoing operations and procedures. Reporting directly to the CEO Founder, you will be the company’s second-in-command and responsible for the overall efficiency of business. The goal of the COO position is to secure the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth.


- Ensure end to end implementation of programs. You will work closely with the founder on deciding which influencer to bring on, negotiating contracts with influencers, creating the program, recording the video content, setting a price point and making sure we are hitting revenue goals for our platform.

- Create revenue plans, managing financial projections along with the CEO

- Run product development and interface with the product team to ensure timely delivery

- Manage relationships with influencers

- Help with hiring and building the team across roles and help in building the right culture

- Creating processes so that there is less dependency on people and more on systems.

- Get involved in selling to companies


- You are someone who is good with numbers, have created financial plans, product plans and distilled them down to the last step. You like being goal oriented and realize it’s important

- You can run product development i.e. prioritizing tasks and communicating with designers, developers, marketers. Understands tech, agile and sprints

- You are detail oriented, have high attention to detail and are extremely process oriented

- You have a strong thought process towards research, experiment, measure, learn and iterate

- You have experience in managing people. Ares in it for the long game and think like a marathon

- You are and effective communicator

- You like to solve complex problems

- You embody a growth mindset. Realize that life is about growth and resonates with the idea of the MasterLife

- You see yourself managing operations for a large tech company like a Sheryl Sandberg or Tim Cook


1) Extreme Ownership: We are all about extreme ownership. There is no else to blame. You must own problems along with solutions, commit to lead the part of the chain. Everyone leads and everyone needs to know what they’re doing and why.

2) Humility: Ego is good but keep it in check. Our mission is more important than our individual egos.

3) Over communicate: Most projects fail because of lack of communication. Not communicating how you’re feeling as well as progress of work. We over communicate because its the foundation of all success. We over communicate praise as well as criticism.

4) Upward Manage: We hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do. If we have hired you, you need to tell us what to do in situations rather than we having to tell you what to do.

5) Growth Mindset: We only hire people who are constantly thinking about how to get better. They’re curious about how things work and are willing to listen when they don’t know enough about a topic. They are willing to say, I don’t know enough about this but i am willing to pick up these skills.

6) Always be grateful: If they share their knowledge, time, money, ideas with you, be grateful. We don’t thank each other enough. Start thanking people for what they do for you. Even the small things. They got you coffee, thank them.

7) Be a giver: Givers who know are not being taken advantage of are the most successful people in the world. Don’t be a taker. Do something nice for someone without they expecting it. And expect nothing in return. Do it across all areas of your life. Do it for your colleagues, for your family, friends. Be someone who gives constantly


1) 7+ years of consulting, corporate or startup experience

2) Experience in leading strategy and execution for startups or large scale companies

3) Bachelors degree at a minimum

4) Experience in Ed tech or health and wellness is a huge plus

5) Global experience i.e. lived/worked abroad is a huge plus

6) Has actually paid for self improvement based apps. Ex: Headspace, Mindvalley, Calm, Simple Habit, Optimize Me or others.

7) Strong communication skills (writing and speaking)

8) Can create processes in a company
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CEO & Founder at Masterlife. Just trying to help people be better versions of themselves.

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We are Masterclass for life skills with a focus on habits

Masterlife focuses on Corporate Wellness, Health and Wellness, Digital Health, and Education Technology. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, Masterlife has raised $60K of funding; their latest round was closed on October 2019.

You can view their website at http://www.masterlife.in

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