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Fashion by the people and Fashion for the people


Customers First

Every startup claims to be customer-centric, but most end up becoming product or engineering-centric because they fail to talk to their customers. We seek to build delightful products people love. NPS and cohort retention are our north star metrics.

Growth Mindset

Maintaining a growth mindset is the only way to stay relevant in an ever-changing market. We seek to work with curious minds who have a voracious appetite for intellectual growth. We value one's trajectory of growth over where one might appear on the slope.

Speed Obsessed

Speed is the most important attribute for building a successful company. Being able to launch and learn faster from customer feedback and product iterations generates operational savings that will only continue to compound as our headcount grows. When problems arise, we tackle them with a first-principles mindset and ask, "Can this be done faster?" Ultimately, there are those who set the pace of the market and those who struggle to keep up. We seek to be the former.

Be Relentless

We will always execute relentlessly, even when we are in pole position. No mercy.