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Menu management & Location data made easy

Menu management & Location data made easy

Marqii revolutionizes the way restaurants, bars, coffee shops and dispensaries publish their menus, location data, and specials to potential customers. This process creates consistent and accurate content which leads to an increase in "__ near me searches." With just a few clicks managers can publish updates and boost/update their online presence across 75+ platforms, ranging from Google search results to their Instagram feeds.

Account Executive

Bryan Rutcofsky

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SVP of SMB, MM & Partnerships @Yext (IPO 2017), Co-Founder & CRO @Marqii

Evan Perlmutter

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COO & Co-Founder Self Taught and Client/Product focused High Googleability (Is Googleability a word?) Give me a few and I'll figure it out - bit.ly/2NouFYk

Avi Goren

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@Yelp led the sales floor for 2 years @Yext leader in Location Services, worked in the partnership division Currently CEO at Marqii