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Launched in mid-2019 at Harvard, Marlo is now used by over 50 companies and has grown to thousands of active users. We are a fast-moving, venture-funded team with a mission to empower teams to master their workplace.

Marlo is a customer-led company. Our superpower is fast iteration and a focus on problem solving through experimentation. Each member of the team conducts interviews, participates in sprints, and contributes to the features we roll out. As we grow, this focus on bringing delight to our customers has allowed us to move quickly and build products our users love.

We work best with people who have an insatiable desire to learn and improve. We attack problems head-on, researching things we don't understand and asking for help from experts when possible. Our culture is one of transparency and we use that to force multiply our problem solving together.

If you're a builder that loves getting feedback, iterating, and delighting customers with your work, we'd love for you to join us!
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