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Aki Balogh

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Ruslan Ksalov

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Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry (13+ years).

Kirby Burke

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Results-Driven Leader | Digital Marketer

Grace Poetzinger

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Web Dev creating AI products

Loren Bornstein

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Industry switch-hitter with a knack for finding and bringing out the best in talent and employees. Diversity champion. Word nerd.

Elizabeth Irvine

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Marketing pro w/10+ yrs exp in lead generation, audience development, email marketing, social media.

Noah Davis

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Noah has filled roles from SDE to CTO. He has been working professionally in tech for over ten years and specializes in building complex, scalable APIs.

David Juengst

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Multifaceted marketer with a well rounded background in operations who is looking to move away from consulting and into a more permanent role.

Noah Davis

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Marcos Rocha

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Experienced Sales Leader – Currently Director of Sales @ MarketMuse. Employee #1 & AE @ ViralGains. Mass Challenge Class of 2013 Diamond Prize winner.

Soma Deaki

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Recently graduated, co-founded Edukado, working at MarketMuse

Board members and advisors

Allan Tear

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Managing Partner of RevUp Capital @revupfund, non-dilutive growth capital+capacity to go from $1M to $10M revenue. 120+ investments. I like to help.
Entrepreneur, consultant, and investor. In that order.
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Former team

Anthony Li

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Jordan Burke

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Charles Ritchie

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Sankalp Yadav

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Ryan Tabassi

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Jarrod Zimmerman

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