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Due to lack of a proper land use, deforestation is raging and agriculture extends in a short time without any technical criterion of sustainability. The deterioration of the soil by erosion is favored by deforestation and inappropriate agricultural practices. This effect causes mainly the silting up of the waterways and sliding, leading to the disappearance of the headwaters. With the creation of a forest mass, there would be a forest re-composition that is presented as a solution to medium and long term a great problem in the region, which requires urgent actions to achieve environmental and economic sustainability. There would be carbon capture with the implementation of a forest of varieties of eucalyptus species, generating an additional to increase the surface area covered of the biomass. On the other hand is intended to make management of the plantation for timber purposes, implementing sustainable administration.
Founder Mario Achucarro SA. Family wood work for more than 10 years.

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