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Top insights from global innovation data

Top insights from global innovation data

MAPEGY is building the Innovation Graph powering smarter, faster, better R&D. We provide a unique SaaS that helps innovators to map global innovation to connect the dots leading from technology to product.

MAPEGY users get technology and product insights, which otherwise would take days to gather and analyse, at the click of a button. Drivers of successful R&D are time for creativity and strategy, focused budgeting, fast identification of collaborators and quick time-to-market. mapegy relieves all innovators and investors from tedious, unproductive tasks and provides easy to use yet complex big data visual analytics at a fingertip. The SaaS is of massive value to any technology based industry and organization size.

MAPEGY offers:
1. the Innovation Graph, a unique 360°-view not only on patents & primary technology data but also product data from press releases and other sources,
2. intuitive and smart usability,
3. unique vision of algorithms specifically made to measure innovation.

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CEO and founder of mapegy. Technology intelligence enthusiast.