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vertical SAAS for contract manufacturing

vertical SAAS for contract manufacturing

Manufactured helps consumer brands and agencies manage their contract manufacturing better. Our patent-pending MFD-PRO software helps you integrate vendors, partners, and team members into 1 central platform from where you can use our integrated messaging, files, and project management tools to track and manage design, and production milestones for all your products.  Our startup-friendly MFD-VIP tool helps you source new products, find new vendors, find better pricing and manage your outsourced supply chain without incurring large fixed overhead costs. Our network of design and manufacturing sources can help you start, launch and scale your brand / product in over 10 industries and counting. 


Operations and Sourcing Executive

Pranay Srinivasan

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20+ years in Supply Chain. 3X Founder, 6X Business Owner. Manufactured in 12 countries, Sales >$14M >8M units to >200 brands. Raised >$6M debt, >$9M equity.


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Seed (Mar 2019)