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Opportunity to work with exciting startups in open source technologies



Mikhail Mitra

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Heading Products, Marketing, Design, Testing and Growth Strategy at Mantra. Prolific motorcyle tourer, occasional travel blogger and racquet sports enthusiast.


Shruthi M

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IT Recruiter at Mantra Labs, Bangalore

Tanvi Naik

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Suhas M

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Worked at Mantra Labs. Experience with Amazon Web Services, Android, Github, react native, Java, PHP.

Saqib Khaleel

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Soukhindra Nath Basak

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Soham De

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Having 1+ year of experience in React.js, Core Java, String Framework. I am graduate in B.Tech (CSE) and looking for a position where I can work and learn.

Anand Nanavaty

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Senior Software Engineer - IOS at Mantra Labs

Kiran Deshpande

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UI/UX Designer ( 7795597044 / kiran.deshpande016@gmail.com )

Tuhina Chattopadhyay

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Naman Rawat

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A forward thinking backend developer and use my skills for the upliftment of company and to ensure personal growth by the accomplishment of projects.

Rahul Pandey

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Worked at Mantra Labs, Bangalore

Abhishek Rana

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Full Stack generalist

Kirti Sagar Jenamoni

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Strong experience in backend development, building restful web applications.

Chandan Kumar Prabhakar

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Worked at Yulu, Mantra Labs, Bangalore. Experience with Automation, Android, Connectivity
UI/UX Designer trying to make a difference using design thinking.Problem Solver architect to make applications use better way of the world.
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Former team

Shantanu Jaiswal

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Himanshu Rajput

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sudhakar ponnusamy

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Ritu Choudhary

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