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Modern account opening for banks and credit unions

Modern account opening for banks and credit unions

MANTL is modern Bank Account Opening software for banks and credit unions. Every bank needs to grow - and now they can with MANTL's state of the art onboarding system. Even better? MANTL integrates directly with legacy core banking software.

In our collective experience building everything from modern consumer FinTech companies to core banking systems, we saw a rift where new FinTech companies were able to leverage the latest technologies, while banks and credit unions (where most people actually keep their money)—tethered to their outdated systems and vendors—struggled to remain competitive in the digital age.

That divide continues today. So, we pulled together a team with deep industry knowledge, and expertise in systems architecture, UI/UX, and data security & analysis to reunite the worlds of banking and technology.

We’re a VC-backed company based in New York City.

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Founder/CTO @MANTL - Hacker, leader, teacher, technologist.
Co-founder/CEO @MANTL. 2x @Techstars founder. iBanked @Goldman Sachs. Studied finance and film @Northwestern University