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Mantis CBD: consume the benefits of cannabis without THC

Mantis CBD: consume the benefits of cannabis without THC

Mantis CBD allows those who want the benefits of cannabis to do so without the effects of THC. A person who drinks Mantis CBD can achieve a sense of well-being, based on natural ingredients found in hemp and free of the effects of THC. The core message of Mantis CBD draws on its Japanese roots that you can achieve a “Pathway to Harmony” and take control of your life and health to enjoy each and every day to a fuller extent. Mantis CBD offers: • Pure CBD Water Soluble Crystalline Nano (CNWSL) with no added sugar • The health benefits of CBD • Great natural Honeydew flavor • 100% hemp derived The first Mantis product will be in a 2 oz. recyclable, portable shot that is also available in a 12 pack. The “shot” size of Mantis CBD is based on a proprietary formula that has 25mg of pure CBD water soluble crystalline nano-isolate with no added sugar and market tested natural honeydew melon flavor.

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