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eSports for VR

eSports for VR

What we do:
We are developing a VR multiplayer action game with eSports in mind. Game is like Tron meets Twisted Metal.

Why we do it:
There's currently no one mixing eSports and VR. While we know both markets are going to be huge in a few years, we attempt to become leaders when that happens.

Our Target audience:
There are 4,200,000 VR headset owners only on Steam (our target marketplace). We will focus on hardcore competitive gamers who love technology, who would love to be cyber-athletes using VR, which should account for 30% of the original number, giving us a 1,260,000 total target audience.

We have a top-notch idea that we have pre-validated with marketing research, plus the innovative combination of eSports, VR and retrofuturism gives players a much needed sci-fi action game.

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Matias Sanmartin

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Creative Director at Mantaray. Vast Game developer experience and a strong technical background.