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Software Engineer (2020 Graduates)

$100k – $140k estimated
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About Managed by Q:

Managed by Q is the first tool designed for workplace teams. By managing their work in a single place, teams are able to keep track of their projects, be more productive, and create a better experience for their office. Managed by Q helps workplace teams minimize the chaos of running an office and maximize the impact they have on their company. Empowering the workplace team means a better day at work for everyone.

Engineering at Q

We are building a platform to help office managers run their offices seamlessly, to allow vendors to fulfill requests with ease, and to enable our employees to work more efficiently. We have a problem-solving culture that is based on making an impact instead of hitting arbitrary deadlines.

We are solving logistics problems such as helping employees book services seamlessly, dispatching the right vendors to the right place at the right time, vendor fulfillment, automated billing, and overall building a robust marketplace. We care deeply about the craft of product development. We speak with our customers constantly, we write well-tested code that automatically ships to production, and we are constantly learning.

What we expect at Q:

* You earn trust and operate with minimal management (medium.com/garbage-collection/getting-out-of-the-way-cb15fa62407d#.c3fqnd1g5) .
* Proficiency in a backend and/or a frontend language
* You get things done under ambiguous circumstances.
* You exhibit humility, a love of learning, and empathy.
* You're currently a senior studying Computer Science or a related field, with plans to graduate in the Spring 2019.

Our stack includes Python, Node, React, AWS, Docker, and SQL, though prior experience with these technologies isn’t a requirement to work here. We value both those who want to specialize in a particular area and those who like to work across the stack.

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