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Corporate Strategy Intern

₹5,000 – ₹15,000 • No equity
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- Conduct market research and analysis to understand disruptive trends and opportunities

- Identify improvements across functional areas such as offline sales, digital business, network based selling etc. by creating and conducting consumer interviews, analysing data

- Assist in the creation of predictive models through business analysis, data analysis for marketing, offline sales etc.

- Assist in the creation of Business Models to explore new lines of business

- Test out new strategies within existing lines of business through actual execution, as well as simulations through MVPs and MVTs to understand profitability

- Identify and source tech vendors to execute business plans

- Take ownership of a strategic brand building initiative, and liaise with the company’s existing mom community to generate campaign ideas

- Identify and cement strategic alliances with companies who have shared goals e.g. Meesho