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Kalli Prins

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Currently @ Maker's Row

Ethan R. Roberts

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Full-Stack Software Engineer with a voracious appetite for news/entertainment media, consumer culture and IP policy. Specializes in React+Redux, Node, PHP, Ruby

Madeline Landon

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A current Charles P. Howland Fellow studying creative approaches to public education reform and living in Bogotá, Colombia working for Fundación Escuela Nueva

Boronia Fallshaw

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Buying/Creative Director with 8yrs experience defining creative direction, building financial strategy, and managing buying teams for ecommerce startups.

Taofeek Rabiu

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CTO at Maker's Row

Judy Nie

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Linda Yu

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Shanice Brette

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Lindsay Beck

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Kalliope White

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I work at Maker's Row as Marketplace Growth Manager. I oversee both supply and demand sales and account management. Background in Account Management.

Tim Finkel

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Board members and advisors

VC at Comcast Ventures Catalyst Fund. Partner at DreamIt Ventures. Ex-AOL, Ex-Thomson. Studied at @Duke, NC State
Partner at @Kapor Capital. Former President and CEO of the NAACP
Lotus Founder, from 0 to $200MM in 3 yrs. Co-founder EFF, founding Chair @Mozilla. Investor: @Twilio, @Uber, @ClassDojo ,@Clever, @Optimizely,@Formlabs

Former team

Elizabeth Denault

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Dan Sipple

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Sam Vitello

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Bashar Harfoush

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Mansi Kothari

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Rafael Gonzaque

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