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As MainVest’s first community manager, you will work alongside our team to cultivate our brand’s voice as we engage with local communities. We’re looking for a self-driven individual with experience crafting content that drives meaningful discussion, with a passion for local communities and small business identity. Through an expert understanding of the challenges small businesses face every day, you’ll wear a lot of hats. Ultimately, you will be acting as the face and voice of our brand and managing all communications, building the MainVest community.

In this role, you’ll be a Small Business Sherpa:

Create local dialogues on a regional level, working with businesses, community leaders, press, and more to extol the impact of localized investing to regional economic development.

Build, direct, and manage a comprehensive owned content strategy cross-platform

Respond to customer questions and feedback in a timely manner

Work cross-functionally with Business Development and Operations to build a consistent narrative leveraging new and existing relationships

Build lasting relationships with customers, industry professionals, and journalists

Shaping the future of communities across America, empowering local economic growth while bringing cities closer together.

We’re looking for results-driven owners looking to help entrepreneurs build impactful local businesses:

Empathy and Execution. As a core team member of an early stage company, our success will intrinsically tied to your success. A strong understanding of the challenges small businesses face and how we can help is core to success in the role.

Performance, not Platitudes: We’re looking for a rockstar with a mind for building innovative content that sparks interest and engagement

Are an Owner, not a Renter. Ownership isn’t just equity, it’s the understanding that no one is riding along in the back seat. Candidates must demonstrate a strong ability to take responsibility for both their successes and failures.

Think Fast, Execute Faster: You’ll be working in a fast-paced, high-growth environment. We don’t wait around until someone tells us what to do next, we find it and do it.

Meritocracy and Metrics: Have a sharp focus on their goals and a belief that their daily, weekly, and monthly activities will help achieve them success.

Help Builders Build: We live for the opportunity to help small businesses build long-lasting businesses that create jobs, drive value, and bring communities together.

MainVest is building a team of people who will continue to raise the bar on performance and efficiency. We believe in diversity of thought and our mission is predicated on bridging divides and bringing communities together.

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