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A decentralized network for censorship-resistant message routing



Mick Hagen

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CEO & Founder of Genesis Block -- digital banking powered by blockchain & crypto.


Austin Craig

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Media maker, film and video producer, marketing strategist, early adopter, techno-optimist
Founder CareSimply • Worked at @Rhomobile sold to @Motorola; Founder-in-Residence @Sandbox Industries • Studied at @Brigham Young University

Carl Youngblood

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Adam Clarke

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As a software developer and UI designer I enjoy helping startups build great products.

Miloš Mošić

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Software Engineer, Speaker, Storyteller, Daredevil. London Based, Exceptional Talent Visa holder.

Diogo Perillo

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Front-end engineer with large experience in bringing crazy layouts to life in minimum details. Worked for large companies and raised my own start up for years.

Paul Le Cam

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VP of Engineering, front-end at Mainframe

Shane Howley

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General software developer experienced in back-end systems, networking and mobile apps. Ph.D. in concurrent algorithms.

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Founder at WNDYR and ThoughtBox

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Clément Jaquier

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Luca Tavazzani

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