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Creating educational robots

Creating educational robots

Winky is a tool through which children have their first engagement with the world of robotics, as its modular nature allows for plug & play modules to be attached or detached at any time via magnetic connection. Through an augmented reality app on the phone or tablet, a didactic presentation of the robot’s structure is available to teach children the basics on how the robot works and how what Winky is composed of extrapolates to other robotic systems as well.
The Winky mobile app allows via SDK for third-party developers and companies to connect and develop minigame activities for the platform. This way, the robot becomes a comprehensive educational platform while creating a strong emotional bond with the child. Applications related to nutrition are under development. As well, Winky will be highly customizable thanks to additional animal-like decorative modules giving each robot a unique style engineered by the child’s own preferences.

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Boris Kesler

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French-Uruguayan entrepreneur at heart, Boris founded and managed several startups, and is extremely passionate about robotics since 15.