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The Email Messenger (YC W16)

The Email Messenger (YC W16)

MailTime is an open and mobile messenger built with email technology. It’s email as quick and easy as texting, and messaging without forcing all your contacts to download the same app.

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Our last project Talkbox was a closed network (just like all other messaging apps - Slack, Whatsapp, etc) unable to connect with users outside of the the messenger. We wanted to build something different and open, so MailTime is a messaging service built on top of the open technology of email, that connects people and services.

The way people interact with emails today has changed dramatically, but the email experience has not. Users scroll through pages of copies, signatures, and metadata to find what they need. It’s all more reminiscent of the desktop paradigm more than the modern mobile world.

We are a proven team with prior success in a mobile messaging app of 13 million users, and we remain passionate about improving communication.


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