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24/7 virtual assistant

24/7 virtual assistant

Magic is a simple idea with endless potential - one phone number that you can send a text message to 24/7 and get anything you want, whenever you want it. Food, flowers, plane tickets, reservations, electronics, you name it. We fulfill these requests magically for our users by being a common interface to a growing network of national and international service providers. Most of our users use us on a regular basis to make their lives easier and to be more productive, but of course, we fulfill our share of crazy requests: exotic animals, skywriting, 1,000 gallons of seawater, helicopters, motorcycles...

But all of this is just the beginning. Magic is a command line interface to the world; it is an API for everything. You can’t "sudo make me a sandwich" but you can "magic make me a sandwich." It’s a unified plaintext interface that sits as a layer of abstraction over the set of all possible products, services, and actions. It’s the Star Trek computer. It’s your companion and your friend.

Mike Chen

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CEO of Magic
Worked at @Yale University • Studied at @Oberlin College
Co-Founded Made in Space (first 3D printer in space), Co-Founded Magic (get anything you want via text).

Nic Novak

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Co-founder @Magic

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