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Build the customer loyalty your brand deserves

Senior Backend Engineer

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Our mission is to help companies across the world improve their customer experiences through streamlined quality assurance practices, customer support coaching, and data driven reporting.

Even more important than skills is being a great culture fit - so that we all can have amazing work relationships that energize us everyday.

What makes a great fit for Maestro?

You want to be pushed and challenged by the people around you to open your mind, change your opinion, and spin every obstacle in your way as an opportunity for growth.

You want a work environment where people hold each other accountable. Giving transparent and honest feedback for the betterment of that human being and the team is so important you.

You don't want work to be a clock-in, clock-out vibe. You truly value building meaningful relationships with the people you spend tens of hours with. This means you want to learn about people's interests, hobbies, lives, and want people to take an interest in yours. For you, work is a place to build another community and not just a means to afford the community you have outside of work.

Lastly, you want to live like an owner and not just accept but embrace the responsibility that comes with it (trust, autonomy, flexibility, clear impact,. etc.). You want to go somewhere that encourages you to act like it's your own business that you share with everyone and a place that isn't worried about the politics of stepping on each others toes.

Engineering at MaestroQA

With our customers at the center of our product decisions, we aim to provide them with intuitive interfaces and seamless integrations. Driven by insights gained from customer conversations, we work quickly and iterate to provide the best product possible while still focusing on well-designed architecture and readable code. We're looking for engineers who embrace these aspects and who are eager to help us build out our product and data infrastructure to help us scale and enable new products.

Our systems are currently built in Python running in AWS, but we are open to changing and evolving our stack and adding new tools as we scale.

You will:

  • Primarily work with Python, MongoDB, and AWS Services
  • Become intimately familiar a home-grown ETL pipeline
  • Spend most of your time creating and releasing new features
  • Help or own large projects and releases
  • Maintain the backend data processes - many micro services
  • Coach other engineers through PR reviews and collaboration
  • Communicate directly with internal teams, e.g. sales and success
  • Have input on tools and technical decisions
  • Other! It is important to be flexible at this stage of our company

Qualities to Succeed

The below qualities are shared by everyone at Maestro and in part, define our culture. You can expect everyone you work with to exhibit these qualities, and it is important that you do too!

  • Growth mindset - Be open to the perspectives of others. Be adaptable to new ways of doing things you've done and open to doing things you've never done before. Every conversation, project, and challenge is a new opportunity to learn something.

  • Impact-Driven - Be driven to impact Maestro's success. Rather than being driven by your role and the task at hand, be driven by how your role impacts Maestro and the task at hand drives value to the mission that Maestro is on.

  • Team Player - Be someone everyone else is happy to have on their team and looks forward to working with. Collaborate with others, help others achieve their goals, and opperate with a mindset of growing and succeeding as a team. Communication and coopperation are key.

  • Ownership - Be responsible for your goals and impact. At Maestro, success is about the larger team, so do feel encouraged to ask for help when you need it and collaborate with others, but at the same time, own your part and what it is you are setting out to accomplish.

The best applicants will likely:

  • Thrive in a dynamic environment with varied responsibilities - ideally have experience being a part of a 5-50 person, fast-paced startup

  • Have experience building production software applications where releasing multiple times per day is the norm

  • Enjoy working with data and have experience building complex backend systems and ETL pipelines without big-data or real-time services

  • Like to work on a small team of 2-5 engineers that works closely with other engineering teams

  • A comfort making updates directly to production without great testing or a staging system but with good error detection and rollback ability

Pay, Perks & Such:

We provide competitive salaries, stock options and benefits like health coverage, 401k, team events, and more! The biggest perk by far is the opportunity to learn by working on the ground floor and getting to actually build the roller coaster versus just ride it.

MaestroQA at a glance

Build the customer loyalty your brand deserves

MaestroQA focuses on Customer Service, Customer Support Tools, and Customer Experience. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, MaestroQA has raised $6.25M of funding; their latest round was closed on October 2019.

You can view their website at https://www.maestroqa.com/ or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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