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We help brands improve their employees to deliver a better customer service experience.

UI Designer

$80k – $140k • 0.0% – 0.25%
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This is a unique opportunity to help build out the design practices and culture at a fast growing startup.

Our mission is to help companies across the world improve their customer experiences through streamlined quality assurance practices, customer support coaching, and data driven reporting.

Even more important than skills is being a great culture fit - so that we all can have amazing work relationships that energize us every day.

What makes you a great fit for Maestro?

You want to be pushed and challenged by the people around you to open your mind, change your opinion, and spin every obstacle in your way as an opportunity for growth.

You want a work environment where people hold each other accountable. Giving transparent and honest feedback for the betterment of that human being and the team is so important you.

You don't want work to be a clock-in, clock-out vibe. You truly value building meaningful relationships with the people you spend tens of hours with. This means you want to learn about people's interests, hobbies, lives, and want people to take an interest in yours. For you, work is a place to build another community and not just a means to afford the community you have outside of work.

Lastly, you want to live like an owner and not just accept but embrace the responsibility that comes with it (trust, autonomy, flexibility, clear impact,. etc.). You want to go somewhere that encourages you to act like it's your own business that you share with everyone and a place that isn't worried about the politics of stepping on each others toes.

Design at MaestroQA

Our customers are the focus point of all design decisions and our goal is always to help our customers provide the best possible service and experiences for their customers. We do this by working closely with our sales and customer success teams as well as communicating directly with customers. The insights gained from these conversations inform our roadmap and ensure we have a clear vision and purpose behind the work we do.

We currently have one UX designer/user researcher and are looking for someone to how can both contribute with excellent UI and visual designs skills as well as build out the design function here and help set the course for how we build the product in the future. This means that in addition to doing product design, there will be a significant amount of opportunity to help shape how the company works, from the design and development process, to how we speak about our value with customers.

We're a small team, ~25 total people right now, so you'll have a really big impact.

You will:
- Help shape the design process
- Design major parts of our flagship dashboard
- Work with customers and our internal teams to gather requirements
- Rapidly design and collaborate to prototype new features, from ideation to launch
- Make UI and accessibility improvements to the existing platform
- Synthesize feedback from external partners and users at all stages of the design process

The best applicants will likely:
- Have experience designing B2B, SaaS, or Enterprise software
- Have an UI or visual design background
- Thrive in a dynamic environment with varied responsibilities
- Be excited about working directly with engineering, sales, and customer success
- Have experience with Sketch, Figma, or equivalent design software

Pay, Perks & Such:
We provide competitive salaries, stock options and benefits like health coverage, 401k, team events, and more! The biggest perk by far is the opportunity to learn by working on the ground floor and getting to actually build the roller coaster rather than just riding it.

We care about building a diverse and inclusive workplace and welcome all applicants.

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