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Advanced Functional Materials for 3D Printing and beyond

Advanced Functional Materials for 3D Printing and beyond

At MadeSolid, we are solving some of 3D printing's biggest problems by focusing on the materials that go into the machines.

The recent boost in 3D printing interest has been driven primarily by the drop in 3D printer prices, giving consumers and companies access to the technology. However, all the printers in the market are essentially clones of one another, with each company selling commodity materials to their user bases. Meanwhile, some of the most fundamental challenges preventing mass adoption of the technology within manufacturing are in the materials space.

MadeSolid develops proprietary, functional materials for 3D printing applications.The materials that we develop are created from raw chemicals, synthesized in house, as opposed to the industry standard of simply sourcing existing materials. This control over process and components enables us to achieve unique aesthetic and mechanical properties, secure IP, and target specific industry verticals.

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