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Give your meetings superpowers

Give your meetings superpowers

Macro is a customizable meeting interface built on top of Zoom, reimagined for collaboration and inclusive conversations.

Meetings have always been a massive source of synchronous unproductivity in the workplace. With the advanced infrastructure technology Zoom has built, we have an opportunity not only for the meeting to happen virtually, but change how they’re conducted in real-time.

Macro augments the native Zoom UI with rich data layering and smart interactions that sync perfectly with your pre and post meeting workflow. We’re a team of productivity hackers who’ve scaled startups from the earliest phases and have experienced too many unproductive meetings to not do anything.

Macro tightly integrates the Zoom SDK to provide an augmented user interface to Zoom users. After downloading our application, all Zoom meetings the user joins afterwards have our Macro side-panel appended that provide extra context and interactivity to their meeting.

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Founder @Marlo MS/MBA @Harvard Business School Former Head of Growth @Gamer Sensei
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