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Partner - Head of Blockchain

$0k – $80k • 1.0% – 1.0%
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Do you want to be involved with the game changer for SMEs in the 21st century?

Are you experienced with designing and developing Blockchain applications? Are you passionate about working with leading edge technologies? Are you able to roll up your sleeves as well as are equally comfortable leading culturally diverse external development teams? Then you should be talking to us!

We are a well funded, mature business focussed on all aspects of SME supply chains both mining and beyond with a global presence and we plan to lead the way in digital ecosystems. We have trials already in place and are currently looking for a Blockchain expert who wants to be part of the lead team and take on the role as Head of Blockchain.

We will look to you for best practices as well as for integration with our platform which will support 100s of thousands of users. You will have a huge impact on the success of our platform. We already know the blockchain technology we plan to employ for our first phase of development but we are constantly on the look out for new and exciting relevant blockchain technologies (i.e. IOTA). So if you are passionate about working with the latest blockchain technologies and have a desire to be working in an exciting space where you will see your blockchain expertise continually put to the test, please continue reading below.


- 5+ Years proven track record of software development
- A deep understanding of blockchain technologies and crypto economic protocols
- Strong Javascript proficiency
- Smart contract experience
- Other relevant programming languages a plus 

- Ability to write and make sure that all our code is very high quality, well-tested code

- Willingness to learn new things quickly and continuously

Compensation (after a 6 month equity only phase):
- A competitive salary and 1% equity (Currently projected to yield $80k USD for Year 1 & $200k+ USD for Year 2)

Please do not apply if you are only interested in a consulting role or looking for a paycheck for the next 6 months. This is a hardcore entrepreneurial role, where you are able to earn valuable equity in an already successful business and obviously it’s not suitable for everyone. Your work is not free but the method of compensation for the first 6 monthes is through equity only. Equity is in a UK Ltd company which includes its subsidiaries in the EU, Southern Africa, North & South America. There are bases of operations in both UK and USA. After the 6 month period, we move you to a competitive salary. Dividends are paid on top of this. We have a backlog of orders, so our business is already validated and the opportunity we present to you has the inverse problems associated with most startups. Namely, we know customers want our services and some are already using our “analogue” offerings. We need your help to finish building the platform so that we can service these orders in a timely manner. We believe the overall compensation package to be great with the future looking very attractive indeed.

No matter how good your profile is, if you aren’t the following things, then this opportunity is not for you:

A Team Player - We aren’t interested in big egos. We need people who can join and blend into the existing team, who add real intrinsic value and are able to lead by example.

Hard Working - It goes without saying we’re not looking to carry anyone who can’t carry themselves professionally. This isn’t a 9-5 job. We are results driven but, like all of us already involved, we expect you to work relentlessly to help us achieve our objectives.

Open To Remote Working - The bulk of the work will be done remotely and through digital mediums. After the initial period the work will still be remote but there will be bases of operations in the USA and the UK for meetings, updates etc.

Self-Motivated - you need to push yourself and not sit around waiting for others to steer you.

Fascinated By Leading Edge Technology - The opportunity we present here is in a business looking to the next 20 years and beyond. We are constantly reviewing available technologies to evaluate which ones may benefit our platform. Be it blockchain, IoT, Edge computing, AI/ML/DL, we are and will continue to be heavily invested in technologies which are changing the digital landscape of 21st century enterprises.

If all you want from us is to boost your CV so that you can hop to the next opportunity please walk away. Equally if you are purely motivated by money you are not a good fit for us. We only look for partners who are in it for the long haul and who have similar values to our own.

So if you have managed to read till here, and you still think you are the perfect person for this role, then drop us a line and we look forward to finding out more about you.
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Rupert Young

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We're building a state-of-the art global business ecosystem for SMEs

M2M Ecosphere focuses on Commodities, Industrial Automation, and E-Commerce Platforms. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://m2m.trade or find them on LinkedIn.

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