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Co-founded by ex Googlers, Criteos and Amazonians, based in Paris, New York, Shanghai, m19 empowers brands and sellers to stand out on Amazon, Alibaba, and other leading e-commerce ecosystems. Fostering awareness and accelerating online sales through advertising automation, our AI-based technology helps brands succeeding within their home market and around the world. We are a tech driven startup: our S.A.S. product has been built and designed by three technical co-founder in the R&D and Product teams. The R&D team is hosted in Agoranov, one of the most selective tech startup incubator in Paris. We are at early stage: Created a year ago, m19 successfully secured a first Business Angel fundraising including support from two Criteo's co-founders and is planning a serie-A early 2020. You will be able to be one of the first employees of our R&D team. It means, you will have a strong impact on our product with opportunity to define your own path. We are energetic & focused on deliveries: We enjoy working on & solving hard problems, focusing on deliveries and highly appreciate having fun, honesty & simplicity. The R&D Team is based Paris, hosted at Agoranov startup incubator. It is composed by two co-founder Engineers (CTO and CSO), one back-end and one front-end Software engineer. m19 is integrated with E-commerce platform API (Amazon today, we have plans to integrate with Alibaba, Walmart, etc...) and automatically build and update advertising campaign structure on a daily basis. Our Machine learning algorithm automatically computes relevant keywords and bids. We are currently generating more than 5 million advertising operations per day. The back-end solution is developed in JAVA and Python. Our Customer Interfaces allow our customers to configure and monitor their marketing strategies through a Web version (written in Angular 2+ / typescript) and an App (written in React Native / typescript). Both communicate with our back-end thanks to a Rest API.
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Senior Software Engineer - FullStack

As the first Full Stack developer of the team, you will mainly work on the back-end, including connection to E-commerce platform APIs, our machine learning and data pipeline, and Rest API for our UI. You may as well occasionally contribute on Front-End development.


Senior Front-End Engineer

Posted 10 months ago

As the first Front-End developer of the team, you will be in charge of the full Front-End scope and have a strong impact on the customer facing part of our product. You will be in charge of both Web and App interfaces.