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Reliable solar energy for families and small businesses off the grid

Reliable solar energy for families and small businesses off the grid

M-PAYG is a Danish company with a mission to democratise access to energy to radically improve living standards, incomes and job opportunities of low-income communities in sub-Saharan Africa. M-PAYG develops off-grid, plug-and-play solar systems consisting of a battery, solar panel, lamps and a SmartHub for remote monitoring and “pay-as-you-go” (PAYG) financing.

Systems are sold on a lease-to-own model through small-scale mobile payments and are compatible with appliances such as TVs, hair clippers, irrigation, etc., allowing income generation, making the solution accessible and attractive to low-income communities.

The solar systems are supported by cutting-edge software integrated with a cloud technology, which enables the registering of the use of energy in order to provide the best after sales services and maintenance and remotely shutdown systems in case of theft or misuse.

The user interface of the M-PAYG Cloud has been designed for partners on the ground to manage the last-mile distribution and to be responsible for installing of devices, maintenance and after sales services.

M-PAYG’s solar systems have been rigorously tested and are designed for use in rural, remotely situated and low-income communities.

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